Advanced Control Systems



Increase Efficiency and Productivity

From rapidly and accurately locating underground objects and utilities to surveying geographical conditions at the job site, Vermeer has your high tech solution. The Vermeer Advanced Control Systems (ACS) Division works with today’s leading-edge technology manufacturers to produce the innovative solutions of tomorrow’s work site. Vermeer ACS work with existing technology to improve efficiency or are designed as stand alone products to perform a specific function. Examples include ground penetrating radar systems that can be used in conjunction with conventional locating techniques to improve accuracy and production, integrated bore-planning and terrain-mapping software for optimum bore-path plotting, and satellite-based fleet-management systems that track equipment location and information. At the heart of the ACS Division philosophy is the desire to produce practical, easy-to-use innovations that make your work easier and more productive – Vermeer ACS equipment changes how work is performed for the better.